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Cold Weather Carrying

❄️ Cold Weather Carrying ❄️

Brrrrrrrrrrrr its cold (and snowy!) outside!! Here are some great little tips for carrying in this cold weather :D

It is important to be flexible when Babywearing and the changing seasons do require an adjustment to how you go about it.

❄️ Ensure Clear Airways ❄️ Be careful not to obstruct airways with things like scarves and clothing, and ensure faces are clear of fabric and visible at all times (use a sling mirror or your phone to view a child carried on your back).

❄️ Use Layers ❄️ Thin layers can be great as they can be added and taken off as necessary and can allow better positioning for your little one in the sling or carrier than bulkier layers would allow. You can also add and remove an extra layer on the outside of the sling, for example a little blanket that you can tuck around them if required.

❄️ Be Mindful Of Overheating ❄️ Though it is cold outside please be careful that your child doesn't overheat in the sling. Remember, they will be benefiting from your body heat and also that the sling in itself counts as layers of clothing. Also keep in mind whether they will be under your coat as well, that being an additional layer. Pay attention to what you are wearing, and dress accordingly.

❄️ Avoid Padded Snowsuits ❄️ It can be very tempting to get your little one all snuggled up in a thick padded snowsuit in these cold conditions. For some of the reasons stated above though, you should avoid using them when Babywearing. There is an increased risk of overheating when using them in combination with slings, and it can be very hard to get adequate positioning with the extra bulk. Think of it in the same sort of way as in a car seat, big snowsuits are a no-no.

❄️ Protect Extremities ❄️ This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your little passenger is nice and warm. Use hats (those that also cover their ears are particularly helpful in the cold), gloves or mittens if their hands are likely to be exposed, and extra layers on their legs and feet if not being covered by your coat. Baby leggings and legwarmers are brilliant for this as can keep them lovely and cosy and can always be added in addition to another thin layer. Some soft little boots will keep their toes warm, something like Padraig wool slippers/boots or MoccOns are worth a look.

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